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Refund, Exchange & Return Policy

Femia strives for great customer service. Products can be returned and we will be willing to either replace/repair/credit your account in accordance to the below terms.

In the case of return’s packaging that is damaged, unsealed or unpackaged at all, certain areas of this policy will not apply. It is suggested to keep packaging for at least 7 days after product delivery.

1. Provided the below a-c conditions are met, if you are not satisfied with any product received within 7 days from date of receipt, Femia will replace/exchange the item.
If within a reasonable time period Femia is unable to replace/exchange for another product, a full refund will be credited to the customer’s account.
The monetary balance of an exchange will be considered if you want to exchange for another product of different value.
The following points will be considered for unwanted purchases:

a) The item is in the same condition as from date of delivery, not missing any accessories
b) All goods must be accompanied by original packaging.
c) The original invoice for the purchase must be produced.

2. Should a product be damaged upon delivery, please communicate this to us within 7 days. We will collect the product/s immediately and deliver a replacement. OR a refund will be allocated in the case of Femia not being able to replace the item.

3. All requests for exchanges and returns must be sent to info@femia.co.za. A detailed explanation and pictures must be included in the email.

4. When the product returns to our warehouse, our Quality Assurance team will investigate reasons for goods being exchanged/returned. Confirmation of exchange/refund will be sent to you via email.

5. Femia will not be liable for any losses or damages incurred during transportation of products.

6. Refunds will be paid back into the same bank account the product was paid from. No cash refunds will be considered.