Free Shipping On All Orders Over R1000

Free Shipping On All Orders Over R1000

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In order to receive a trade discount with Femia (Pty) ltd, you may fill in the
form below and attach the required documents to prove that you are a
professional or student in the industry. After this form has been submitted,
we will evaluate it and send you a personal discount code.

  1. The item is in the same condition as from date of delivery
  2. All goods must be accompanied by original packaging.
  3. The original invoice for the purchase must be produced.

Femia will not be liable for delivery costs incurred in the case of cancellation,  exchanges or refunds

All requests for exchanges and returns must be sent to with an exchange/return form.

When the product returns to our warehouse, our Quality Assurance team will investigate reasons for goods being exchanged/returned. Confirmation will be sent via email for your refund/return/exchange.

Femia will not be liable for any losses or damages incurred during transportation of products.

Refunds will be paid back into the same bank account the product was paid from. No cash refunds will be considered.

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**Should you be a salon owner and you are not qualified yourself you need to
supply the qualifications of your staff**